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We are not the "Odd Balls" out here.
We are the ones having the most fun!
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Capt John Christian Fellowship
We've all hear people remark "Be Blessed", "God Bless" and even at times someone tells us "We are
blessed". They all mean well, but problem is, far too many use the word 'blessed' to describe how financially
fortunate someone else is. Little do they know that being "blessed" has absolutely nothing to do with
material possessions or wealth. If you want to know who is truly "blessed" all you have to do is read the
 Jesus himself spells out in no uncertain terms who those are that are truly blessed in Matthew 5: 1-12.
This voyage is about building a better you!
- Find your Anchor -
Find your Anchor
No where in the Bible does it say: "Blessed art thou that have big nice comfortable homes in the suburbs. Blessed art thou who
good high paying jobs and new cars in the driveway. Blessed art thou that has a big expensive yacht. Blessed art thou that can
afford two week
vacations in Greece, Naples, Paris or the French Riviera."
Being "blessed" has nothing whatsoever to do with material possessions, monetary gain, good luck or wealth.
For any Christian, our
"real" blessings are in knowing our God forgives our sins and in knowing God gives hope to the hopeless, loves
the unlovable, comforts the sorrowful. Our blessings are in knowing God has given us the same power and the same freedom of choice he
has to everyone else. It is the choices we make that bring on our blessings - or not. Clearly Jesus says "we are ALL equal in the eyes of
the Lord".
No where in the Bible are we promised riches, an easy life or worldly goods and pleasures in return for our pledge of faith. The
very sad fact is, many today foolishly attempt to use the power of prayer as if it were a Lottery ticket with the promise of getting rich. For
anyone that believes someone is 'blessed' because of their material possessions or fortune, I say they don't know Jesus! In fact, they are
reducing almighty God to some sort of wish granting fairy who spends his days randomly bestowing new homes, cars, boats or cash upon
his followers.
The Biblical truth of the matter is: God doesn't work like that!
   So what am I getting to?
Calling someone 'blessed' because they have worked for the things they need to provide for themselves and their family is just plain
wrong! Work is not the "blessing", it is working that brings on God's blessings. Certainly we should be thankful and grateful to God for our
health and our ability to work, but it is not blessings that bring on the work, (that's where our freedom of choices come in to play), it is the
work that brings on our blessings.
The Bible clearly states "for nothing is better for them to rejoice, and do good in their lives that every man should eat and drink and enjoy
the good of all his labor - this is a gift of God. Eccl 3:12-13.
"Those who work will have an abundant life. . ." Proverbs 12:11.
"You will eat the fruits of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours. . ." Psalm 128.
"Whatever you do, work heartily. . . Colossians 3:23.
"In all toil there is a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty. . . " Philippians 4:13.
One of my favorites: "To aspire to live and to mind your own affairs, and to work as you have been instructed so that you may walk
properly and dependent on no one. . ."
What a great feeling it is that we as Christians share when we are dependent on no one except our relationship with the Lord.
Capt John Quotes
    I recently discovered a group received a million dollar Government Grant to study: "How many people the average American meets in
a lifetime." This Grant however, reminded me of the grant awarded to four Attorneys a few years back. They received a two million dollar
Government Grant to study: "What washes up on the beaches in the Caribbean". (We all should be so lucky as to get one of those!)
According to the "How many people an average American meets in their lifetime?" goes: The report had so many variables it was hardly
worth the effort or the money. Most of us could have guessed as much. Oh the high side however, it reported that if you were in retail sells
or marketing or a celebrity, and held a party inviting everyone you had ever met personally, you could fill an 80,000 seat NFL stadium. On
the low side, they determined an individual would meet between 10,000 to 18,000 in their lifetime - while most of us will meet an average of 1
new person every other day between the ages of 5 and 78.
So, for sure, if we get off the couch, stop watching TV and cruise America's Great Loop, my experience tells me you will personally meet a
minimum average of 5 new people a day. That means as a Christian, you have the opportunity to influence about 1,750 people on an
average voyage around the Great Loop. And all you have to do is be yourself. Show everyone your Christian kindness. In other words, "let
your light so shine that others might see!"
So. . . What do you need to do in order to be a Missionary cruising America's Great Loop?
If you are a Christian, it should be a very natural part of your daily living. Simply be you!
Personally, I'm no Hare Krishna, Jehovah Witness, nor a Bible toting Hoover Vacuum salesman. No, I don't go knocking on doors, I don't
go preaching on the street corners, or at the end of the dock at the Marinas. I'm pretty much just a happy laid back sort of guy whose best
friend and boating companion happens to be Jesus. I never interfere or interrupt anyone. I just make it a point never to miss the opportunity
to be nice and friendly or helpful. I don't cuss or swear and I don't fuss, fight or argue. My goal is to always leave behind a good impression
and Christian example.
I start each voyage with 2 cases of 48 Bibles each (cost is about $2.00 a Bible), and with 4 cases of Military MREs (Meals Ready to Eat),
which I pick up 'free' from my good friends at the Veterans' Administration. When I'm cruising; from the Marina Fuel & Deck attendants to
boaters I meet along the way, I will simply mention I have an extra case of brand new bibles; "Would anyone like to have one? They are free!"
That's it, that's what I do. It doesn't ruffle anyone's feathers. In fact it has resulted in many friendships as well as meeting an awful lot of
wonderful Christian boaters. I've made many new friends and hopefully influenced a few others.
For the occasional homeless and more needy I encounter - I always offer a couple MREs, bottled water and a Bible. If I am out and about,
and approached for money, I NEVER give money! I will gladly buy someone a coffee or a meal, but I never give money! I've had too much
experience with those in Drug & Alcohol Recovery to give money. Most will save the money till they get enough to buy alcohol or drugs
rather than eat.
From the highest to the lowest income earners at the Marina, the restaurant, the store, and everywhere I go; when I leave, I try to make sure
I leave behind a good impression. It really is that simple. I always leave a 20% tip even for terrible service and normally a 40% tip for really
reat service - but that's my blessing, it doesn't have to be yours. Most Wait Staff are either students or single Moms and deserve both
kindness and generosity. God loves those whose work is to serve others and so do I. Where would we be without them?
 Capt John 2:12 - When you chose simple things
and simple treasures,
life and living gives the greatest of pleasures.
Who are we to keep, what God
      Before starting this voyage, make sure you visit your Doctor, Dentist, and
anyone else concerned with or furnishing you with Health Care. If you are taking any
medications, you will want to let your Doctor know of your plans.
My Doctors office calls me and I simply tell them where I will be, and they make sure
my prescriptions are ready at the nearest Walgreens, CVS, or whoever. The only
thing that requires a little planning is making sure I have a 3 month supply before I
enter Canada so I don't have to buy them there.
In addition, make sure you see the Dentist. This would simply be a terrible time to
have a tooth ache.
Check with God for a through 'check up from the neck up'. Make sure you leave
nothing on shore "mentally, physically, or emotionally" that will interfere with your
      And my point is: As a Christian, you deserve this voyage! You deserve to receive all the good from the fruits of your Labor.
Right now. . . You have come to this website for a reason.
It may be fate or it may be God's design. . . Whatever it is, no doubt it is
because something or someone brought you to this place. As a Christian, you should seriously consider this voyage! Not only will it be fun,
exciting and educational, it is a wonderful time for personal and spiritual growth & rejuvenation. It will also be an opportunity for you to be a
witness for Christ to the thousand or so people you will meet along the way.         
So I encourage you: Don't just look at this journey as an exciting fun filled adventure.  Also think of it as a time of spiritual rejuvenation
and a great time to read your bible. It is also the ultimate opportunity to "let your light so shine" that others may see. It is a wonderful
experience, and for sure it will bring you closer to God.