"Marsh Madness" - For sure as you cruise through the Carolinas on the Atlantic ICW you will find one of the most surprising and fascinating areas
of your journey - the Salt Marsh. The pristine barrier islands and miles of unspoiled beaches that comprise North Carolina’s Brunswick Islands, hide some
of the best and most incredible scenery on the Intracoastal Waterway. The Atlantic ICW offers mysteries and new discoveries around every bend. The
Salt Grass Marsh is just one of them. Teeming with life, this is the perfect area for wildlife where you can reap the rewards of a basket full of blue crabs.
  As with all your Intracoastal cruising, you will want to check the tides before you go and especially before you anchor. It is always best to cruise on a
rising tide. If you correlate your voyage with the tidal flow you will save time and fuel as well as being a much safer boater.
  Here you will find a few of our best waterfront restaurants in Southport. This is where you will find great eats at Fishy Fishy as well as the Yacht Basin
Provision Company, and make sure you stop at Calabash (one of my very favorites), for their fried seafood platter.  
Marsh Madness
Just think. . . These people paid millions more for this Lot - just so  they could watch you and your boat go by.
So be sure and wave at them when you do!  lol
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Capt John's America's Great Loop
- Find your Anchor -
    James 1:17 - tells us that Fun & Entertainment are gifts from God, given so that we
might come closer to him.  -  I guarantee. . . This voyage will take you closer to God!
Giving thanks while cruising the Great Loop will NOT be a thoughtless routine 'thank you'
as we often do
at the dinner table. On this voyage you will be very aware of God's presence.
He is in the seascapes, landscapes, mountainscapes and in every rainbow. So much so, you
will have dozens of
really sincere 'thank you God' moments. Long moments, when all you
thoughts are how blessed you really are.   
A rising tide raises your boat.  A risen Savior raises your soul!
       From Forts to Fortresses, from Antebellum Homes and Colonial mansions with staircases and docks that sweep down lawns 100 yards or more to the
water, you will revel in awe of it all. Some homes are so imposing they’ve been used in movies such as The Prince of Tides, Forrest Gump and even The
Garden of Good & Evil. You can even have Sunday brunch at the elegant Jekyll Island Club in North Carolina’s “Millionaires Village.”
       There is much - much more than marvelous architectural and landscape to experience, the ICW offers a glance at America's history, not from the
'fast' lane, but from the 'past' lane.
       How do you like your Forts? From the Oldest Fort in the Continental United States in St. Augustine, to Fort Sumter, Ft, Niagara and eventually Shiloh,
cruising the Loop is a voyage from battlefield to battlefield and Fort to Fortress. A startling reminder of the price
America has paid for our safety and
freedom. Least we forget, our Great Country was founded on the belief in God and pursuit of religious freedom.
How do you like your Forts?
- Find your Anchor -
        'Out here' there is something about being on the water, seeing all of God's sunsets and rainbows that really give you a deep sincere feeling that this is
'church'. One simply can not get any closer to God than this; and I believe it to be true, at least
it is for me.
       Nothing beats good Christian Fellowship and God tells us in Matthew 18:20 that "where two are more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst
of them". So. . . Take it from me "Capt John 20:20" says don't worry
! You will find churches all around America's Great Loop. Many will be close enough
to walk to from a nearby Marina or Dinghy Dock. Many Marinas have posters on their bulletin boards, with Churches offering to pick you up and drop you
off. For the most part if you plan your destinations accordingly, for the exception of just a few places, you will always be able to attend a church of your
       If not, you will find that a good peaceful anchorage with nothing between you and God can do wonders for the soul. There's just something about
being on the water
surrounded by nature that brings us all closer to God.