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-  Cruising America's Great Loop  -  It will take you to unbelievable places - with unforgettable moments -
-  Cruising Canada is a World Class cruising adventure. You will love this!   -
-  Cruise around America's Great Loop. Then try and tell me there is no God. -
-  Cruising down the Mississippi River in your own boat. It just doesn't get any better than this!  -
If you dream of a long-distance voyage on your very own boat - this is it!
If you are retired, or a soon to be retired, this is a marvelous and amazing retirement vacation.
If you really want to have the time & experience of your life - this is it!
For sure, it is the safest, most amazing long-distance boating adventure on the planet.
And you can live this dream on a very frugal budget.
- Find your Anchor -
People often ask me if I am ever afraid, cruising alone by myself. I tell them No!
My best friend & boating companion can walk on water!
- Capt John